Horse Meat is a very lean meat that is full of nutritional benefits. Horse meat consumption is a widely researched topic and much research has demonstrated regular consumption of horse meat to be very advantageous with increased health benefits by comparison to porcine and bovine products. Researchers from the University of Milan have proven that meat from equine animals can lower cholesterol, improve iron consumption and is an excellent source of Omega 3. Furthermore, it has less calories per 100g than alternative red meat products.

It is company policy that all horses must be sourced and procured from known, reliable suppliers, either directly from the farmer or through a reputable agent. All suppliers must be on our company Approved Supplier List having been approved by our Equine Procurement Manager, John Barron.

Full traceability is paramount to our controls and our strong rapport with the farming community ensures achievement of this. No horse is slaughtered at Emerald Isle Foods Ltd without first being approved by both the applicable registration authority and the Department of Agriculture veterinarians’ on site.

Growing from strength to strength we have nurtured and developed our Irish horse meat exports. It is now a core area of our business and we are proud to be the largest Irish exporter of Irish horse meat to mainland Europe.

At Emerald Isle Foods we are dedicated to producing the finest quality equine products. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and tender prime horse meat. We offer customers both carcase and boneless equine.

Carcase Equine

Our chilling regime and newly installed “super coolers” ensures our equine carcasses are chilled to guarantee the utmost tenderness is achieved. Carcasses are hand selected from the chills by our Production Manager for each customer. This ensures each customer receives their specifications and only quality produce is supplied.

Boneless Equine