Our procurement team has built strong relationships within the Irish farming community.

Full traceability is paramount to our controls and our strong rapport with the farming community ensures achievement of this.

We strive to source all animals locally or from our own farm.

Animal Welfare is of huge company importance. We have two certified Animal Welfare Officers at Emerald Isle Foods.

It is company policy that one Animal Welfare Officer is on site during business & production hours. Our Procurement team ensure that animals are sourced from farms or agents which are compliant with Animal Welfare.


Refrigeration is paramount to the lifespan and quality of meat products. It is company policy to engage the transport services of Emerald Isle Foods approved hauliers.

Emerald Isle Foods only use a selection of three Irish hauliers to transport our meat products across mainland Europe. These hauliers are reliable, reputable and ensure our chilling regime is adhered to.

Temperature control is critical in the distribution process. It is a strict requirement by Emerald Isle Foods that our hauliers have a calibrated and verified temperature monitoring and control system in place.

This is further verified by our Quality Department.